Sunday, April 29, 2012

Half PR!!!

One word describes my day....AMAZING!!!

Since I took a nap late Saturday afternoon, I had a terrible time falling asleep. I was up several times to use the bathroom and I was so worked up about my knee (IT band) I even used my roller around 1am! My alarm went off at 4:45am and I was out the door by 5:15 and made it to my friends house right on time.  The morning could not have been prettier. The temperature was cool and the sun was shining. Absolutely perfect weather for a run.

Pre race food. Just half a banana and half a Clif bar. All my nervous stomach could handle.

 When we arrived we had no trouble at all parking. The start was located next to a mall so we all parked there. No need for a bag check since we could lock everything in our car and we only had to walk a short distance to the start. We figured we had about 30 minutes before the start. Enough time to use the bathroom one last time, or so we thought!!! The lines were unbelievable!! For a race "just for women" they should have known better and had twice the number of porta johns then they did!!! There were several hundred of us waiting in line when the offical start sounded. By the time I crossed the start line, the race had already been underway for 8 minutes. Not a fun way to start out.

I think I counted 16 porta johns for over 2500 women!!

Once I crossed the start, the race could not have gone better. It was a very HILLY race with one MAJOR hill around the 6 mile mark. The weather was so pretty. I had a longsleeve tshirt on over my tank and I think I discarded the longsleeve t around mile 4. All the clothing left along the race goes to an area homeless shelter. I was thrilled that my knee did not let me down!! I am grateful to my foam roller :)

There were plenty of water stops and volunteers. The police did a great job of closing down the streets. The race wound through several neighborhoods and then back to main roads. It was a beautiful course with plenty of shade.

PR!!! 2:23!!!!!! 10:43 MM (woohoo)

Pic of Jen and I. Met Jen in my running group. We ran together for the first 2 miles. She has lost over 80 pounds!!! True inspiration.

After the race, Wegmans was giving out so much food and water. There was plenty! Bagels, bananas, apples, granola, yogurt, cookies and protein bars. It was awesome!! I loaded up my bag but only ate 3 small cookies. I prefer to wait to eat simply because my stomach has a hard time handling it.

They were printing out updates of everyones offical times.

A view of the porta johns after the race! Empty!

Once I arrived home I made myself 2 scrambled eggs, slice of toast and a banana.

Along with my metal, they also gave out beautiful SS bracelets with and Iron Girl bead!!

After breakfast I showered and put on my compression socks. Then my husband and I headed to Bass Pro. The hot pink looked great with my Sperrys! lol

Going for the nautical look! Bass Pro has the nicest bathrooms!

Could not resist at the checkout!! I was hungry:)

We got back to the house around 4 and my husband offered to make dinner! While he was grilling, I did a heavy vacuuming of the mainfloor. We have a lab, no explaination needed!!

I have the best husband ever!!!! Dinner was amazing. This is a dinner size plate.

Banana smoothie and time for bed!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I DID!

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  1. YAY!!!!!! you did so awesome and you look great! what a fabulous day for you :)