Saturday, April 14, 2012

Running Group

What an awesome Saturday! For the past two years, I have wanted to join a running group. A few weeks ago, I found a running group not far from my house and "liked" them on Facebook. I have been reading all the comments when finally someone else commented, "What is this "bagel run" thing all about? What if I am a slow runner?" So many responded to this comment from the running group, encouraging this woman to join them for a run. I felt reassured by everyone's comments and finally worked up the nerve to attend! I am SO GLAD I did!!!!!! It was awesome!! We met early this morning in a shopping center parking lot. I would say by the time we got started, there were probably 15-20 runners. We made one big circle and everyone went around and said their pace and the distance they planned on running. I wanted to do 5 miles and my pace is between 10-11 minute mile.

I was paired up with 3 other women with similar paces as mine. I ran the entire 5.5 miles with Jen. She is also doing the Iron Girl half in a few weeks and she had a scheduled 13 mile training run today. It was awesome to run with her!! We had some serious hills that I rocked!!! Had I been running alone, I would have probably walked them. We chatted the entire time! The hour flew by!! She was just as excited as I was to have someone to run with. Once we hit the 5 mile mark, Jen ran on to complete her training run. I decided to turn back and find the other 2 women who had started out the run with us. I found the one and ran with her back to the parking lot. The other woman had turned back at the 2 mile point. In total I ran about 6 miles. I felt amazing!! After the run, the group met across the street, at the bagel shop. Duh, "bagel run." LOL

All the conversation involved RUNNING and I soaked it all in! I enjoyed a whole wheat bagel with lite cream cheese. I am looking forward to next Saturday to do it again :)

Then it was time for me to head home. I had an exciting afternoon planned with John. The day was going to be beautiful and we wanted to do some biking.

We searched the internet for a new trail. This time we chose the B&A trail. It is an entirely paved trail about 40 minutes from our house. Not a super flat trail but not too hilly. After about 6 miles we stopped at a picnic area on the trail for lunch.

We brought Subway with us for a picnic lunch. I had a 6in wheat with turkey and provolone, loaded with lots of spinach. I also decided to grab the apple slices they have at Subway. They were amazing!!! So good it was kinda hard to share them! We rode for 16 miles. I kept the gears of my bike on the hardest setting to get the best workout. My legs are gonna really feel it tomorrow!

When we were done biking, we decided to run a few errands. Bass Pro for John and Target for me! The Clif bars were on sale at Target so I was happy about that. By the time we were done we were both starving and headed to our favorite restaurant. 

I do not want to know how many calories I ate!!!! I went to town on these. I figured I burned enough calories today, so I just enjoyed myself.  

So so good! I ate way too many chips so there was no way I could finish it all, but John did!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday. I can't wait until tomorrow:)

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