Monday, April 16, 2012


After my amazing Saturday I was looking forward to an amazing Sunday. Well, lets just say things do not always turn out like we hope they do! After my running group and bike ride with my husband on Saturday, we headed over to my sisters house. They have been remodeling their kitchen and we went to check it out. Before we left, I made myself a water bottle to take with me. A 32 ounce bottle that I filled with two packets of Crystal Light. I finished about half before we walked out the door so I refilled and added another packet. I finished the rest at my sisters house. We were there several hours. My sister had another kind of Crystal Light that I had a few packets of. I drink SO MUCH green tea so I thought I would try something different. After all the water, I figured I would be up all night using the bathroom!! In fact I was up ALL NIGHT but not so much using the bathroom, I was just WIDE AWAKE!!! Seriously, after all I did during the day I should have been exhausted but no, I could have gone for a run! Finally, at 4am I headed downstairs to check out what I had been drinking that night. It did not take me long to figure it out!

Do you see that cute blue lettering???


Seriously, the stuff is crazy!!!!! It had me so wired. Not only could I not sleep the entire night, my heart was racing too. Reading the ingredients on the box, I do not think I will drink this again. I rarely have caffeine and I think that is the second ingredient. It also contains aspartame which I really try to stay away from. I honestly did not think too much about it when I bought it. I thought it would be nice to have some flavored water, but now that I have read the ingredients, I do not think this product is for me.

So, my Sunday was a bust. I managed to get myself to the grocery store but that was about it. I honestly felt sick for the entire day from lack of sleep. I tried to take a nap but it was too beautiful outside to sleep!! Last night, I slept better but not great. Hope this stuff is finally out of my system!!

This afternoon I went for a warm 3 mile run and later after dinner my husband and I took a 1 mile "stroll." It was a beautiful evening. Meeting a girlfriend tomorrow to walk. I love having friends who want to get a work out in with me!!

So, what is your favorite beverage???

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