Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weigh In Woes

It was so nice yesterday afternoon that I met up with my girlfriend to go for a walk. Her neighborhood is amazing and we ended up chatting and walking for 4.5 miles!! I love our walks and wish we could do it more often. Later in the evening I worked out for 30 minutes with my new piece of workout equipment.....

My husband brought this home for me about a month ago and I am having so much fun with it! We have a hill in our yard so I would flip the tire all the way up and back down. This was an awesome work out. Don't let the size of the tire fool u! Its HEAVY!!

In between flipping the tire up the hill I would run back down and back around to my agility ladder. This is so fun to work with. Its like hopscotch but better!!

My dog loved it too! You can do so many different steps/agility workouts with this. It gets your heart rate up and a nice sweat. I would then go back to the tire. I would jump in then back out. I held a few planks on the side of the tire and arm dips. After 30 minutes I felt pretty good about my exercise for the day.

Even with all the running/exercise, and "trying" to watch my calories, the scale was not kind to me this morning. My weight is up......

I have no excuses other then I am not paying attention to my portion sizes. I am also thinking I am eating too much sugar. Not so much cake/cookies kind of sugar but bread and maybe even my Clif bars. I hope to be down next week. I feel the extra few pounds right in my stomach and I feel it in my clothes!!! Maybe I need to go old school and go back to writing down my food intake. So many phone aps and online features for counting calories but maybe that is just what I need to do......just write it down!!!!!

I guess next Wednesday we will see if it worked!!

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  1. yay! So sorry about your other blog but so glad you are blogging again :) i missed hearing and reading about you.