Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Beverage!

For whatever reason my blog is not letting me reply to the comments that are being left!! Ugh, I have tried everything but it is still not working. Since Heather left an awesome comment, I figured I would just do a quick blog about it. 

Several years ago I was a Diet Coke drinker. 

I drank it from morning until night. There was nothing better. I have never been a beer, wine or coffee drinker. Diet Coke was my drink of choice.  I knew it was bad for me. I drank it through 4 pregnancies and nursing babies (this makes me feel terribly guilty) but that is what got me through. It gave me the energy I needed.  I had read several article about how drinking it could cause weight gain, but I would drink this to avoid eating something bad for me. I felt like in a way I was eating something. Honestly, I knew there was not ONE GOOD thing in this beverage for my body but I just could not give it up!!!!

Things changed in June 2008 when I was 42 years old. I got BRACES! Yes, at 42, I got a full set of braces. I have gone for several appointments prior to them being put on and thought all my questions had been answered. Well, after spending almost 2 hours in the orthodontist chair, my CLEAR braces with wires were on. The orthodontist took me into her office to go over a few things and that is when I was told no coffee (I was fine with that, don't drink it) and NO Diet Coke!! WHAT????? She then explained that because my brackets were clear, which I paid more for, that the diet coke would stain them. There was no way at 42, with braces, was I going to walk around with stained brackets. The purpose of paying more, was to make them as less noticeable as possible! So from that day forward I NEVER had another diet coke much less soda of any kind!!!! I am SO SO grateful. It has been the best thing I could have done for my health and body! Along with feeling so much better I know the health benefits are even more important.

So, now my drink of choice is.......

I LOVE this tea!!! It is SO good for you too. I buy it at Starbucks (work next door to one) and I also buy it at the grocery store in a box of 20 teabags. I ALWAYS have a 2 quart pitcher in the refrid at all times!! The benefits of drinking green tea are amazing!!!!

The list of ingredients- green tea, lemon verbena, spearmint leaves, lemongrass and natural flavors.

Does it get any better then that?? At Starbucks you can get it sweetened, but then you add unnecessary calories. I have to admit, it was an acquired taste for me but now I can't get enough.

That being said, I do make an effort to get my water in, especially before and after a run or workout.

Hope this helps!!!


  1. you were the DC queeen!!

  2. i love this psot teresa! good for you for kicking the habit and i wish i loved green is so good for you but i just can't get used to it.