Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kindness of Strangers

Wow, today has been an amazing day as a blogger. Yesterday was a tough day for me and I simply typed out my feelings in my post. I honestly was not expecting the response I received from strangers. I have to admit that I have loved blogging...surprisingly, others love my blog too!!! I read a quote the other day and it meant so much at the time that I entered it in the memo of my iPhone. I don't know the author but it said, "Comparison is the thief of joy." Definitely something I need to work on. 

Now, on to my Wednesday weigh in and I was shocked to see this number!

Up 4 pounds!!! I have been in the 140s for months now. I know that I have not been great the past few days but not 4 pounds bad. I am weighing in tomorrow morning. There is no way that I am waiting a week. I will post my weight tomorrow regardless of what the scale says!!


Lunch was PB sandwich, Triscuits and 2% cheese stick.

Followed by a Kashi cookie.

These strawberries were just what I needed when I walked in the door.

Dinner started off with an amazing salad. My new favorite thing is broccoli on top! Love the crunch.. I loaded it with red onion, green peppers, tomato and feta cheese. I always use a salad size plate for all my meals.

Lasagna and a slice of whole wheat french bread.

After dinner was cleaned up, my husband asked me to join him for a walk with his puppy. He walks the puppy, Amos, every morning and he wanted to impress me with how well he is doing.

Amos is 4 months old now. I wrote about him here and here. He loves to retrieve and carried his toy bird in his month for the walk home. We ended up walking just about one mile. When we got back to the house I headed to the high school track.

6 miles was on the agenda tonight. It was a pretty night. The track was empty except for a few people that would come and go. My 6 miles was a combo of speed work and walking. I forgot my ipod and I had no one to join me with my run. I have found that I do much better when I am running with someone else. Still, I got in the mileage and I was a hot, sweaty mess when I was done!!


  1. amos is so darn cute! i love that quote too :) BTW i think you need to dump the scale. you are fit and healthy and look fab.....

  2. thanks Kalli! Mentioned you in my blog post today!!