Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Track Workout

Today has been an awesome busy day!! I decided not to post all my food even though I have taken a picture of everything I have eaten. I feel really in control of my choices and that is a great feeling. Plus, I was really happy with my weigh in this morning. I will share a few pictures though!

Yesterday I roasted some veggies. I had a few zucchini and yellow squash from my garden that I needed to do something with before they went bad. I added some broccoli and red onion. Wish I had some red pepper:(

YUM! These are so good to have on hand to toss on salads or the tortilla pizzas I like to make.

My husband hung the vase that we bought on Saturday.  I wrote about all the awesome shops we went to on this post. I decided to put a candle with some sand in the bottom. I love how it looks!! It is right by the front door and it looks perfect.

 I got off work early today to go spend some time with this little guy. He is so sweet!! My grandson Ty will be 3 weeks old on Friday. I helped my daughter get a few things done around her house. My daughter is so much like me and likes things neat and in its place, so having a newborn brings challenges. After some laundry, vacuuming and organizing things were back to normal. We even gave Tyler a bath. He has so much hair!!! After a few hours it was time for me to go. I was meeting two ladies from my running group at the high school track for a run.

Pre-run. I had to make a stop at the Starbucks on my way. A green tea and banana was a must! Plus, I wanted to use the bathroom one more time.

We met at 4:30 and when I say it was hot and humid, it was HOT and HUMID!! I have never done a speed workout and not sure I did that great. I still have so much to learn!!! We got in 6 miles. It was grueling. Seriously, a hot sweaty mess!! I felt so good when it was done.

Wish we could do this every Wednesday night!! 

My sweet husband ordered me a veggie sub for dinner and it was so nice to walk in the door to this!! I only ate half and told my hubs to put it in his lunch tomorrow. I had eyes on my dessert!

The watermelon was so refreshing!!! I also enjoyed a cookie from Subway too. I have never had one and it was sooooo good!! Well, I had great day!!!

What workout did you do today???

Are you enjoying the Olympics???

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