Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pictures of Thursday

First things first!

Much better then yesterday!! Not where I want to be, but better. I know Kalli thinks I should be done with my scale, but honestly I am not sure I can give it up just yet. I like the accountability. I am going to give it some thought. Maybe I will challenge myself to not weigh in for a month??? 

I had a coupon for the Clif Builder's protein bar. It was really good!! 

I enjoyed some grapes.

Lunch was the usual.

This was my sad excuse for a banana smoothie. It must have been a small banana when I froze it. Should had added some spinach!!

A cookie was in order!!

Dinner was a large salad topped with veggies, honey dijon mustard chicken and a few slices of a sweet potato. I topped with homemade fresh guac!!! YUMMY!!!!

I have to share my cute find!!

It looks purple in the picture but it is light gray and black.

I have a shower on the left and a tub on the right. I thought it would be perfect next to the tub. I think this will be great to set my book on or just to take a seat to apply some lotion. Perfect also because.....I got it at Walmart! Not only that, it was $16 dollars!!

After dinner I was going to head to the track to do a quick 3 miles but time got away from me. I headed down to the basement and got on the treadmill. My ankle was sore all day today so I decided to just walk. It nice walking on the treadmill. I enjoyed some cooking shows and got a few ideas of things to make!!

Happy Thursday!!


  1. I agree that the scale helps keep me accountable. I didn't weigh myself for a long time and I ended up gaining a bunch of weight. Then I was too depressed to get on the scale. Luckily, I lost 30 pounds. But if I had weighed myself weekly, I probably wouldn't have gained so much in the first place.

  2. I agree! I am too afraid of gaining. Once a week helps me to gauge where I am at. I would hate to NOT fit in my jeans one morning, so the saying "go by how your clothes feel" would not work for me either!!!!!