Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday Run

My Clif bar this morning was not that great. It was chocolate brownie flavor and not my favorite!!!

Amazing grapes!!

Lunch was PB sandwich, Triscuits, hardboiled egg and string cheese.

This is what is left of the strawberries I ate before heading out for a run.

My girlfriend Jen and I met at her house at 5 to do a 5 mile run. Not the greatest time of day for a run, but that was the best time for us to meet. I was a hot sweaty mess. My ankle is still super sore and may need to make a appointment with an orthopedic. Boo. It was a slow easy 5 miles for me. I wore my Garmin heart rate monitor for this run!! It is strapped around my chest just below my sports bra. Surprisingly, I never felt it!!!

My heart rate reading was 152. I have to look into what it should be but I have a feeling I did not push myself hard enough but I really took it easy with my ankle. I am excited to start wearing it and really pushing myself harder. 

Dinner was a salmon burger (love these) and chips. I had another handful after these!!

We hit up the little ice cream shop in our town late last night. They sell yogurt so I agreed to go but it is expensive and I always think it taste freezer burnt!!!

Small vanilla scoop with chocolate jimmies. It is more the experience of going, and not so much how good the frozen yogurt tastes. My husband said that no one eats the frozen yogurt but me and that's why!!!!!!!

Daugther #2, Kaitlyn Marie, is 24 Tuesday so everyone is coming for dinner and a party!!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your ankle! Take it easy & do get in to have it looked at. You surely don't want to risk further injury :(

    I love my garmin with the chest strap. I have been practicing better discipline about not looking at it every 5 minutes, though! I'm such a data geek - - I can't wait to get home from my run to see how far I've gone, HR, pace, etc.

    Salmon burger looks delish. Have fun with the bday party festivities!

  2. I am really excited to start using it!! I have to figure out if it shows me my heartrate while running or if I have to wait until I get done with my run. I also have to figure out what it should be!!!

  3. If yours is similar to mine, there is a toggle to switch between pace metrics, HR, and just your plain clock. It is awesome! I wouldn't worry too much about what it "should" be. My understanding is that those stats are highly variable by individual. Track it against your perceived exertion for awhile and you'll get a sense of what is your normal range. Given your mileage, I'd expect your hr to be lower than average...which is a good thing!