Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Funday

My Saturday started off with a 7 miler. It was AWFUL. It was way too hot, humid and hilly!!! I was mad at myself for walking some of the hills. It was just one of those runs that does not go your way. Making me question everything about my running abilities!!!

After my run, I headed to the grocery store. Yes, I was dripping sweat but I was going anyway! I was super excited to see this sign. Watermelon for $2.98??? That never happens. Glad I waited until today to buy one. Yesterday was National Watermelon Day!!! For this price I bought two!!!

I had half a banana and half a Clif bar before my run. On my way to the store I finish the other half of the Clif and tossed the banana. It was warm from sitting in my car! Gross!! When I got home I was starving. So my lunch was a multi grain bagel with PB and grapes.

All the girls had plans today, so my Friday night "date night" continued on into Saturday. After lunch, I showered and got ready to head out. We had no real plans and my husband suggested Annapolis. He asked if I wanted to head over to that running store I like. Lululemon??? Yay!!!!!!!!

Fun day of shopping. Check out what I got!!

I had a coupon for a FREE pair of hip hugger panties. Hard to tell in the picture, but they are navy blue with lime green dots and lace trim.

I already had the T mug but wanted to get a J for John. I love these mugs and they are only $6.

I am so excited to hang this in the foyer by the front door. It is a square glass vase ($24) that you hang on the wall. The store is Arhaus. They have amazing furniture and home furnishings. I will post a pic when I get it hung. Besides the vase, I was really excited about the bag. It is a reusable burlap bag that I love!! My husband said I should have just asked for a bag and would have been happy!

 We purchased a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Cleo's. I have always wanted to go to a store like this. You can sample all the oils, and they have bread to dip and taste. The store was beautiful. It is also owned by two sisters and named after their grandmother.

After testing several, John and I settled on this one.

Super excited about these!!! I have been wanting a pair of these Run Inspire Crop pants!! I have heard great things about these running crops and they will be perfect for fall running. Going to LuLulemon is a huge treat for me and it is either my birthday or Christmas!! I usually only walk out with one item because of the cost!! Nice addition to my running wardrobe.

We had to try out the frozen yogurt that Annapolis has to offer!! Besides, shopping makes you hungry:)

Do not feel bad for my husband. We did stop by Bass Pro on the way home. He spent a whopping $9. Yes, we are big spenders. NOT!!

How awesome does my dinner look?? We got back to the house around 8pm and I was hungry. I grabbed a few whole wheat tortillas (50 calories each) and piled on the veggie and sprinkled with 2% cheese.

I had to do something with these beauties from my garden.

I put one on top of the other. It was delish!!!!!!!!

Wow, it is after 11 and I need to get some sleep. The Olympics are keeping me up too late!!


  1. Looks like your day took a turn for the better after your run! The next one will be better. It's so hard when it's hot. I can't get used to the East Coast heat. I have yet to go to Lululemon. I'm scared I'll do some major damage! But now that I found one 15 minutes from my house I am not sure how much longer I can avoid the temptation!

  2. You must go, but you can't say you weren't warned!