Saturday, August 25, 2012

College Move and Change

I have been super busy the past few days. We got our youngest daughter moved in to college on Thursday. The baby of the family. It is hard to believe that she old enough!!!! I am not the type of mom that takes their child to college, and then weeps the entire way home. I have never cried or been sad to see them off. If anything, I am SO EXCITED and SO PROUD. You need to understand, I was married at 18, had a mortgage payment and my firstborn at 19. I have never been on my own and I do not remember a time when I was free to worry only about myself. Seeing my girls go off to school makes me so excited for their futures and what the world has in store for them. Trust me, I have no regrets for the choices I have made. Everyone wants better for their children. College is one of those things.

Before pic of Taylor's dorm room.

Things are coming together.

Lots of pictures going up.

Not sure dad was going to let her go!

Not sure I could either!

It was a beautiful day on campus. Thankfully, she is only 3 hours away. She is attending Salisbury University on the eastern shore. Our oldest daughter graduated here, plus she are only 30 minutes from the beach!!

Time for us to leave. Her older sisters will be checking up on her frequently!! It is almost like Taylor has not one mother. but four. Older sisters have a way of doing that. I am blessed that they all love each other so much. It is nice that they all have each other.

Stopped at the gas station for some food to hold us over until we could stop for lunch. The apple was awesome and who does not love popchips?? 100 calories of goodness!

Bridges is located on Kent Island. It is a beautiful restaurant, but we enjoy sitting outside by the water. 

 Delicious appetizers.

White pizza. So so good but could not finish it all. John was happy to polish it off for me.

We did so much talking here today. How fast our girls have grown and what is next for us. No fall sports for me to rush out of work for. No back school night. No meet the teacher night. No carpools. No bus schedules, Things will be different for me for sure. No more kids in the public school system. We could sell the house. Downsize? I for one, will be picking up more hours at work. Yes, I feel much "change" in the air.

I painted my toenails blue just to prove to myself that I am still "cool" even though my youngest is now in college!! 

My husband took me out for a "frozen yogurt date!" Not sure if frozen yogurt is good pre running food, but I pretended it was.

My ankle continued to be sore, but was feeling better after 3 full days of rest. This morning, I met a few girls from my running group bright and early, 6:45 to head out for a ten mile run. I was nervous starting out and my ankle felt so bad, I almost returned to my car to just cry it out. I told my group that it was feeling really bad but I wanted to see "how far I could go." It was not pretty. 

I did it!! Ten miles was on my training program. I did have to walk at times (mostly the downhills) but I managed. Hopefully, I did not do anymore damage to my ankle. If I really thought it was worse I would have stopped. Tonight it feels sore but not terrible.  It was a beautiful morning run with cooler temps and that was awesome!!

My daughter and her husband had a wedding to attend tonight, so we got to babysit this little guy. Seriously, how cute it is???? We all fought over him the entire evening. What fun!!!


  1. Wow, how exciting and strange at the same time! My oldest is a junior in HS so I'm starting to weird-out. I'm excited for him but it's going to be so weird when he doesn't live with us anymore! My toenails are blue now too ;)

  2. All the cool moms have blue toenail polish! lol

  3. i am so happy for you! Enjoy this time for you! It is much deserved :) I only hope that I can be as cool as you are when my youngest goes to college, but I will be so old when that happens! I apparantly need to go buy some blue nail polish as mine is pink!! OH NO! Already behind!

  4. I will make sure to bring you blue nail polish if you agree to another long run with me!!!! Besides, you are way too cool for me already!!