Thursday, August 9, 2012

Treadmill Intervals

I was out of  Clif bars so I just grabbed this Power Bar on the way out the door. It was really good and filling. Missed my banana. It is time for me to get to the grocery store!!

Lunch was the usual.

Only 3 cookies left in the box so I just took them all.

My daughter wanted to do a few errands today, so after work I joined her. How cute is Ty? We were only out for 2 hours and he did so good!! We went to Kohl's and Target.

Kohl's has Rock & Republic jeans. My daughter helped me decide on a pair. I love the color of the denim and the design on the pockets.I needed a good pair of skinny jeans and these were perfect. So nice to just grab a pair in a size 8 and have them fit perfectly. They will look great with some tall boots or flats. I have jeans that I love from Abercrombie & Finch because they are nice and long but these will be a nice addition.

Checking out at Target and I could not resist!!

Grill cheese, small bowl of chicken noodle soup, whole grain scoops and salsa. Trust me, I had way more scoops then pictured here!!!!! The bag was open on the island when I was making the grill cheese and I enjoyed several handfuls.

View from my treadmill. I got in a really good interval 3 miler. I have been really bad about running on the treadmill. I just do not like it!! I would rather use the incline with the weighted vest and watch some TV. Did I mention my incline is not working?? Tonight I really challenged myself. After my track workout last night, I knew I needed to push myself a little bit more. I got in a good sweaty workout!!

Now I have some toenails that need to be painted and some football to watch:)

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