Sunday, August 19, 2012

FAB Saturday!

I always love a good weekend!! 

Early morning run!! Got in a 13 miler with this girl.....

Jess. She ran the MCM last year and offered to meet for a few of my long runs. We had a great time touring Westminster. We ran through McDaniel College and all of its beautiful sidewalks and even ran one lap around their track while the football team was practicing. We headed into old town Main Street and ran past all the beautiful shops and the amazing smell of the bakery before ending at a small airport. Saturday morning in MD could not have been more perfect for a run. Low humidity and cool temps make for a fun enjoyable run with my awesome company!! Thanks Jess!!!

After today's run I felt really good. Like good where I did not feel the need to get home for a nap or a mad dash to the bathroom!! I think the weather being so nice had a lot to do with it. So after my run I stopped at Starbucks for my green tea. I took my jeep to emissions. I headed back to Main Street for a bagel. I visited two of those neat shops I saw while running. I stopped by my daughters house for a quick visit before I headed home to shower!!!  That is how good I felt!!

Foam roller meet compression socks. Compression socks meet foam roller.

After I showered I put on my socks and did some foam rolling. I would really like to get a pair of the sleeve compressions. They just cover your calves and great for wearing under jeans. I would even wear them to bed. Definitely on my wish list!!

Then it was time to head to our friends for a Caribbean Feast!! A chef was coming to their house and preparing an amazing meal and we need to look the part. Here I am with "April" the hostess!! It was also a treat for all four of my daughters to be there!

The house was decorated with a Caribbean theme and the food smelt amazing!! April and Joe know how to throw a party. Plenty of food, drinks and awesome company.

Yes, I wore my compressions socks with flip flops. This is why I need the sleeves! lol

My daughter Jennifer. She just had a baby 4 weeks ago!!!!

Now for the FOOD!!!

AMAZING!!!! Not even sure I got a picture of everything!!!

I started off with this beautiful salad.

The mashed potatoes were my favorite. They have apples, eggs and onions! The tasted so good!! There was also some beautiful cake for dessert along with some gluten free cupcakes! I did enjoy a few of those:)

No margaritas for me, but I did add an umbrella to my Starbucks!

Thank you Prevost Family for throwing an amazing dinner party!!!!!!!!!


  1. teresa you have SUCH a gorgeous family! and the girls take after you-can't believe one of them jsut had a baby and looks like that. also glad you are rockin the runs. LOVE that you wore your compression socks-i should get sleeves too.

  2. Congratulations on your 13 mile run! Sounds like the it was an amazing morning. Awesome party and your daughters are gorgeous.

  3. The party pics are awesome! Looked sooooo yummy! It was certainly well-deserved after an awesome run! I really had an amazing time! So thank you for getting me out there :) You truly inspire me to keep going even on those days I want to give up! Cheers to running til we are 90! xoxo

    1. The party was amazing and so was the food!! Thanks for joining me on my run. I can't wait to do it again. You did say you would join me for my 20 miler, right?? haaa

  4. Love the compression socks with the flip flops! Hey, you've got to take care of the legs, right? :)

    1. Yes, but I really need to get the sleeves so not to embarrass my family! lol