Saturday, August 4, 2012

Date Night Friday

So excited for the weekend. No "real' plans, and that makes it even better!!


Almonds for a snack. I love these snack size Ziplocs!!

Lunch was a PB sandwich on ww.

Along with a bag of popcorn. 

180 calories of pure goodness!!

Once I got home from work, I started in on these. Honestly, they should not be allowed in my house!! I have such a hard time eating just 6!!! Yes, 6 is a serving size. 

Today was a "rest" day for me, and I welcomed it. I have felt tired all day and was looking forward to date night. John and I went to a favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.

I love their chips and salsa. As usual, I had a field day!!!

I ordered a cup of chili (so hot that I did not even finish it) and a soft chicken taco.

After dinner we ended up here!! Yogiberry!!! Amazing.

I think this shop is so funky!!

Lots of amazing toppings.

Not sure orange is my color.

So happy to see a Starbucks right next door!!

When we got home, we headed over to a neighbors house to hang out on their deck. So nice to just relax with friends and talk about our week. I headed to bed around midnight and knew the morning was going to be tough. My running group was meeting at 8am for a 7 miler!

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