Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Lot of Amazing!

Things have been so overwhelming for me lately. So much going on and I am feeling pulled in so many different directions. Plus, I am constantly second guessing everything, including my blog. Here is just a sampling of what is happening in my life.

  • My oldest daughter had a baby 3 weeks ago. Our first grandchild:)
  • My second daughter got engaged about a month ago and wedding planning has begun. This means 2 weddings in less then a year and a half.
  • My third daughter graduated college in June and started her career 2 weeks ago at a law firm.
  • My forth daughter graduated high school in June and is headed off to college next week, the baby.

 And lets not forget all the everyday things I have to deal with!
  • My husband has a puppy!! It is his puppy, but guess who has to deal with said puppy while he is a work? Me!!!!!! I had a total meltdown with said puppy today!
  • Our air condition stopped working Memorial Weekend. The hottest weather to start off the summer and we had no AC! We waited until after the holiday weekend to get it fixed. Well, guess what?? It has decided it does not want to work again! 
  • Not to mention that I wonder if this blog is meant to be! I mean seriously, I do not have any quality content to draw in more readers. I am not a good writer! I am not educated in any health or exercise. I may be a runner but I am not even a fast runner!!!! 

These past few days have been tough. Not focused or in control. To me, that is just not a good feeling. It is amazing how when things are feeling out of control in one area of your life, that is trickles into other areas of your life. The sad thing is that everything going on in my life is absolutely amazing. It is just a lot of amazing!

I have not done my food journal for the past few days because I thought I did not need to. Well guess what? I do not have control over it.  I want to focus on healthy, clean eating and that takes a lot of time and energy. Having my long runs on Saturday also take a lot of time and planning. I do not like to take away time from my family. So getting up at 5 am is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Thankfully, I hit my RESET button this morning and got back on track. Today, my eating was very much in control. Will I ever really have all the control that I need to continue my quest for healthy living?

Breakfast was my Clif and banana.

Lunch was a PB sandwich on ww, string cheese, grapes, Triscuits and a Kashi cookie.

100 calorie popcorn.

Dinner started with this amazing salad full of veggies! Salad size plate.

1 cup ww pasta with ground turkey and sauce. I refrained from the bread.

So my food journal is back. People may find it boring but it works for me. I also got in 3 miles on the treadmill even though they were slow.

Well, I think my pity party is over for the day.
There are days when I just have to remind myself what is really important:)


  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on! I think that even writing it all down sometimes helps to relieve the stress.

    I love your blog! It's about who your are and that's all that important! If you love doing it, then don't worry about the others things!

    1. Thanks so much!! You have made my day!!!

  2. teresa!!!! you are a grandma and you are the picture of health! please! just blog about what makes you happy and share what you want to share. you may think you are not adding anything important to anyones life but i think you are. tell us how you stay so pretty and fit. tell us about your runs......

  3. hey teresa. i've been reading your blog for a while now and i love it! i am definitely a lurker in that i don't comment often but i find your content to be very motivational for me. you look amazing for a 25 year old, let alone a mother of girls that age! i'm 38 now and i like to keep fit as well, so i feel like we have a lot in common - which is why i read pretty much every day! please don't doubt the value of your blog!

  4. Wow, Teresa! You have so much going on all at once!! Congrats on recognizing your need to journal & getting right back to it. For me, it is my #1 key to maintenance. Once I let go of that, all the other disciplines seem to get out of whack, too. Plus, it keeps me honest and makes me think extra hard about my choices. (turns out that while I may want to eat something extra, I really HATE seeing the damage in writing!)

    As for blogging, please do not go! I have just found your blog & love reading about the life of another 40-something mom who is active. You seem very balanced & I love your positivity. Plus, your mileage is truly inspirational to me.

  5. I am a 40-something runner and mother that enjoys reading your blog. Hang in there Chicky :)

  6. Wow!! I did not expect so many amazing comments!! Your kind and encouraging words mean so much to me. I guess us 40somethings need to stick together!!

  7. I truly love your blog and find it inspirational as well. I've always looked up to you and still do today. I have taken notes on your eating habits and have applied them to my own daily eating. All the amazingness you just blogged about, includes you. Don't forget that - you are AMAZING!

    1. Heather you are so sweet!! Thanks for your kind words!! Miss U!!

  8. I have never commented on a blog before but as another 40 something Maryland mom I enjoy following your blog too!

  9. I have never commented on a blog before but as another 40 something Maryland mom I enjoy following your blog too!